Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How and why I got into Ham Radio

I decided to make a vlog-type video while driving six hours in the car. Just a chance for me to explain my background and interests and even some ideas to promote the hobby to others. Please pardon the sunlight, weird angle, and the loud background noise; I recorded it on my iPhone.


  1. Hello Tony, the video was a little difficult to follow. But in general I get the story. Very interesting point of view from a young HAM. We got some very active very young HAM's here in the Netherlands as well. HAM radio is a very wide hobby and it's cool. But these days most young people are only interested in what's happening on their smartphones. You really need to have a interest in science and technology like yourself to get involved in HAM radio for a long time I think. Although some topics of HAM radio like for instance contesting has a lot in common with online gaming. If only participating it is not needed to have a degree in electronics. 73, Bas

  2. Sorry it was a bit all over the place; I just did it spur of the moment and didn't really collect my thoughts first! It seems here in the US that most young hams are either the children or grandchildren of other hams. Although that's not the case with me, most American kids just aren't introduced to science in this sort of way which is unfortunate since it's much easier to learn about a topic if it's hands-on, fun, and tangible.